Weekly Market Recap – March 1st, 2019

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Weekly Market Recap – March 1st, 2019

In the Markets

As February came to a close, the S&P 500 completed its best two month start to a year since 1987 with the index gaining 11.5%. The indices continued to climb into March, closing Friday with a YTD growth of 11.8%. The NASDAQ gained 0.9%, finishing the week with a 14.5% year to date growth, while the Dow Jones ended the week flat, up 11.6% on the year.

March 1st came and went with the U.S-China tariffs remaining on the sideline. The deadline was officially delayed as the negotiations continue. It was reported Friday that the U.S. and China are currently drafting a document outlining the provisions of the deal, with the potential of a mid-March signing. In other U.S. negotiation news, the two-day summit in Vietnam between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ended as the two were unable to reach an agreement on denuclearization.

Crude oil fell from its recent string of gains, with Brent falling 3.41% and WTI futures dropping 2.55%. Gasoline and heating oil futures fell at a slower rate, down 2.07% and 1.43% respectively. Natural Gas posted a strong week, adding to its recent bullish run with futures climbing 4.38% on the week.

Performance in precious metals displayed a wide range, with gold and silver futures posting significant losses. Gold fell 2.52% and silver plummeted 4.47%. Platinum and palladium on the other hand posted gains on the week. Platinum was up 2.1%, while palladium climbed 3.04%.

Agricultural commodities displayed weakness across the board. Soybeans fell 1.27%, corn dropped 3.05%, and wheat posted the weakest performance, down 6.68%. Softs also saw a myriad of losses, with cocoa falling 3.1%, and sugar dropping 5.11%. Coffee finished nearly flat, moving up 0.2%, while cotton managed muted gains, up 1.15%.

World Cup Trading Championships

Eduardo Ramos held on to the top spot again last week, closing Friday with a net return of 149.9%. Princely Mathew climbed to a net return of 76.8%, retaining second place. Fabien Fischer climbed into third place with a net return of 49.6%, followed closely by Marko Grcic at 44.3%. The top 5 was rounded out by Tze Chun Fung of Hong Kong, who joined the leaderboard with a net return of 35%.


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