A Bridge between Shanghai and Chicago

The Strategic Alliance of the World Cup Trading Championships and the National Futures Trading Contest

As global events continue to develop, affecting two of the world’s largest economies, Shanghai and Chicago came together in the private sector this week. A bridge of unity was built as Robbins Trading Company, host of the World Cup Trading Championships® (WCTC), formed a strategic alliance with Chinese newspaper Futures Daily, founder of the National Futures Trading Contest in China. The goal of this strategic alliance is to establish long-term stable communication, to further promote exchange and learning amongst global traders, and to seek holistic, multi-faceted, wide-ranging cooperation and development.
This strategic alliance follows a trend of increased international involvement by the Chinese futures market. In March of this year, the Shanghai Futures Exchange brought the culmination of a decade of work with its new crude futures contract, which became tradable in the first week of April. On May 3rd, Dalian Commodity Exchange’s iron ore contract joined crude oil on the international market. As the Chinese futures market continues to grow, foreign cooperation will become increasingly vital to navigate new economic waters.
For the Robbins Trading Company, working with traders from around the world is familiar territory. In the last 5 years, the total countries competing in the WCTC has increased from 22 in 2014, to over 30, with 52 different nations represented in that time span. Additionally, the percentage of non-U.S. traders in the competition field has increased from just over 50 percent in 2014 to 65% in 2018. This trend is reflected in our World Cup Advisor Program, the pinnacle achievement for our WCTC competitors, as half of the advisors are from outside the U.S.
This strategic alliance with Futures Daily represents a substantial advancement in the ever expanding global presence of Robbins Trading Company. The goal the Futures Daily competitions to serve as a platform to accumulate transaction and performance data for the Chinese CTA echoes the foundations that led Joel Robbins to initiate the first WCTC in 1983; many traders can claim to make money, but these trading contests can provide verifiable evidence of a trader’s talents.
In 35 years, WCTC has become the leading real-money trading competition in the world. With this strategic alliance, Robbins Trading Company will bring these decades of experience to the developing Chinese futures landscape, helping to connect Chinese traders to the international market. Through this new connection, China’s best traders will have the opportunity to test their abilities on the global stage in the WCTC. China’s domestic NFTC will also gain the global footprint of Robbins Trading Company, enabling traders from around the world to engage in the ever expanding Chinese futures market.
In addition to strengthening the two separate competitions, Robbins and Futures Daily plan to host the first “Global Futures Open” in the years to come. This monumental tournament will allow the cooperation between the two parties to reach a new height in the global arena, providing the world’s traders the ultimate stage to put their market prowess to the test.
With increased tournament scale, the chances of finding the most talented traders for our World Cup Advisor program increase. Not only does Robbins wish to provide a means for Chinese traders to display their abilities, but we also wish to use this strategic alliance to introduce our proprietary service to Chinese investors. Our Leader-Follower™ TradeSync® software allows a subscriber to mirror the trades of proven professionals in their own accounts, a service that can increase the scope of China’s futures market.
The alliance of Robbins Trading Company and Futures Daily will provide an ever widening scale to discover premier trading talent, while expanding and deepening China’s connections with the international futures market.