Profitable traders can develop a substantial new revenue stream with

On WCA, lead traders fund futures accounts with as little as $10,000, trade their own strategies, and allow subscribers to automatically make the same trades.

The cornerstone of the Leader-Follower AutoTrade® service is LF (Leader-Follower) TradeSync® software. This technology allows the lead trader to simply trade his own account while “behind the scenes” TradeSync combines the lead trader’s orders with his followers’ orders and delivers same-price fills to all accounts in the block – providing zero slippage between leader and followers. This is accomplished seamlessly with the leader seeing only his orders and fills. LF TradeSync® can be integrated with any trading platform that routes through CQG.

There are 3 paths to becoming an Advisor:

1. The first path is to compete and win a trophy in a World Cup Trading Championships®

2. If competing in a trading contest is not for you, but would like to develop a track record with WCA, and begin offering your leader-follower service at a later date, the second path to becoming an Advisor might be for you. Traders can establish a track record in WCA’s Incubator Program. Incubator accounts reside on the back-end and are not disclosed on WCA until you think it’s ready for the public’s review. If the performance is not what you expected, you can always stop trading and close your account at any time.

3. If you are a professional with established credentials and/or a trading educator, you don’t need to prove your talent in the World Cup Trading Championships® or go through a lengthy screening process. If you’re ready to participate, we’re ready to help. This can be accomplished by joining WCA’s advisory team and relying on its infrastructure and marketing expertise.

Next Steps:

After you complete one of the paths above, you continue to trade your personal account with your own money at risk while WorldCupAdvisor takes care of the rest:
Marketing, sales, AutoTrade execution, accounting, and more.

If you would like to learn more about tapping into this lucrative segment of the market, please contact us today:

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